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What is the Catholic Campus Ministry?

The Catholic Campus Ministry is an organization at Tarleton State University that provides spiritual support, religious education, and fellowship opportunities for college students. It offers activities like Mass, Sunday meals, small group discussions, and community service projects.

What are the Mass times at the Catholic Campus Ministry?

Mass is celebrated every day. Saturday and Sunday Masses are at 5 PM, while weekday Masses are at 8 AM except for Wednesday, which are at 6:30 PM.

Can students participate in ministry activities?

Yes, students are encouraged to get involved in various ministries such as altar serving, ushering, lectoring, and music during Mass. There are also opportunities for community service and retreats.

What resources are available for learning about Catholicism?

The Ministry provides access to a Catholic library with texts from contemporary authors, and resources for theological discussions.


Additionally, websites like the Augustine Institute and Catholic Answers offer extensive information on Catholic teachings and spirituality.

What is the Catholic Church’s view on the relationship between faith and reason?

The Catholic Church holds that faith and reason are complementary. It teaches that reason can lead one to a basic understanding of God, while faith provides a deeper knowledge of God revealed through Jesus Christ and the Church.

How does the Catholic Church approach social justice issues?

The Church advocates for the dignity of every human being, emphasizing the importance of helping the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed. It promotes principles like the common good, solidarity, and subsidiarity to address social injustices.

How does the Catholic Church view other religions?

The Church respects other religions and recognizes the truth and goodness in them. It teaches that salvation is through Jesus Christ but also acknowledges that God’s grace can be at work in other religious traditions.

What is the Catholic position on bioethical issues like stem cell research and cloning?

The Church opposes practices that undermine the dignity of human life, including cloning and destructive stem cell research. It supports research that respects life from conception to natural death.

How does Catholicism define sin and redemption?

Sin is a deliberate violation of God’s law and a turn away from God’s love. Redemption is the process of being saved from sin through Jesus Christ, which is made accessible through the sacraments, especially confession and the Eucharist.

What is the significance of the Sacraments in Catholicism?

Sacraments are visible signs of God’s grace, instituted by Christ. They are essential for salvation and include Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony.

What role does the Pope play in the Catholic Church?

The Pope is the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. He is considered the successor of Saint Peter, entrusted with the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, and has a role of primacy and authority in the Church.

How does Catholicism approach the concept of the afterlife?

Catholicism teaches the existence of heaven, hell, and purgatory. Heaven is eternal communion with God, hell is eternal separation from God, and purgatory is a state of purification for those who die in God’s grace but still need to be cleansed of sin.

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